Linking psychology and sociology

Although it is rarely recognized, sociology is based on psychology (but is not reducible to it). Thus, sociology should not contradict psychology, at least not the best established part of it; and, of course, psychology should not contradict the best established part of sociology. Continue reading


The Paradox of Social Order

“Drawing upon his training as a psychologist, Moessinger focuses on strengthening the foundations of the social sciences with hypotheses that chal­lenge commonly–held rational choice theories drawn from economics. In con­trast to the rational choice theories of Becker, Hayek, Popper, and others,  he argues that the stability of social structures ultimately results from a linkage of nonrational individual conduct (interpersonal imbalances. confu­sion of minds. etc.) with social order and hence, that a larger role for psychol­ogy is essential to the study of the social sciences.” Mario Bunge

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